of mixing and fatherhood

Ameted’s new album, States, is still in the shop for some work before a final release date can be determined. Basically we are at the final mixing stage… with maybe a few touch-ups here and there.

Brian and his wife are enjoying parenthood. This is an excellent time and it has naturally pushed back work on the album a little. During the last couple of “jam weekends” Brian and Scott have been busy with chores around the house… completely unrelated to the album of course, but very helpful to mom and baby.

Scott is busy working up the layout graphics for the cd insert. The cover is complete. A smaller run of cds will be produced initially (as compared with TOC) and we will rely more on digital distribution.

All in the Ameted camp are well and we hope to get this album out to you in the near term. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

’til soon…

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