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Ameted is more than just another indie rock band—it’s a collaboration between two long time friends incorporating hard hitting rock anthems, progressive style instrumentation, and acoustic fits of pleasure.  Scott Schwertly and Brian Johnstone deliver powerful music and thoughtful lyrics.

The two began collaborating back in 1994 when Brian was working on a solo project and a mutual friend suggested Scott play on that recording.  That project created an instant friendship and sparked myriad song ideas that ultimately lead to the creation of Ameted.

Today Brian and Scott look for performing opportunities wherever they can.  As a two-piece, these sets are acoustic “unplugged” gigs.  With a little help, they can put on a full “plugged in to 11” show.  They just released their second album, States.  Their music is widely available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Ameted looks to continue creating and recording music.  Brian and Scott hope to some day round out the group with a permanent drummer.  In the meantime, they are always excited to play their tunes.   Rock on and enjoy what you hear!


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