New Album Coming November 2014!!!!


We are pleased to announce the new Ameted album: Journey To the Frozen Sun. This album is a multi-layered saga, telling the story of a hero’s journey through time and space. The hero, after witnessing the death of his father at the hands of evil, must journey to defeat the powerful enemy while also confronting his inner spiritual struggle. Will he answer the call or abandon it all? If he does choose to go, will he be swallowed up by the forces of evil or stand victoriously at the end of the day?

Track Listing:

Book I – Ice

1. Frozen Sun Overture

2. Headlong Into the Night

3. Catch the Moon

4. Betrayal

5. Dark Tribulation

Book II – Sky

6. Journey to the Frozen Sun

7. Suffering

8. Battle Forevermore

9. Distant Satellite

10. Cause I Am One

Book III – Fire

11. Like I’ve Never Seen Before

12. Love Fall Like Rain

13. Can You See the Moon

14. Last Stand

15. Frozen Sun Underture

Book IV – Flood

16. Rise

A little bit of a reshuffle

A little bit of a reshuffle.

I’ve been making a bit more of a concerted effort to introduce Ameted to more folks in the MySpace community of late.  Thinking about this endeavor too much usually makes me want to shy away from doing it at all.  There are so many bands and artists on MySpace—and so many of them totally rock, MySpace itself seems to suddenly be the un-cool social networking site, and then there’s always the question of what to say, what context to offer potential listeners, and so on.

I’ve read quite a bit lately on the matter, tweaked the band biography to a snappy four point, four paragraph piece (stating who we are, how we got here, what we’re doing and where we’re going), and posted our most compelling attention grabbing song in the number one slot on our play list… or have I?

The song “Change” does carry a bit of pop appeal, is a driving rocker, and conveys one of the main themes of the album well.  But in retrospect I’ve decided to take a shot at placing the title track, so-to-speak, “State of Grace” in the number one slot because this song, more than any other, captures in one single track the myriad sounds we explore on the entirety of the album.

So to those visiting the official Ameted MySpace page, for the first time or the umpteenth time, I offer up our title track as your first impression of our little project we call, Ameted.


Disc Makers–excellent service

Some of our fans have asked about where we had our latest album, States, manufactured. We utilized Disc Makers of Pennsauken, NJ. They offer a wide variety of packages for CD replication and packaging. Additionally they provide mastering services through their in-house SoundLab.

As with Tales of a Circus, all recording and mixing was done in our home studio. We did all layout design work as well. Disc Makers provides templates for their various layout options. That said, they do provide graphic design services for those so inclined.

We are very pleased with the results and have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the product. We highly recommend Disc Makers.

Check out Disc Makers online.  They have an excellent blog called Echoes and a Twitter account, each of which is always filled with valuable information for musicians.