Check out Face What’s Next

Northeastern Recordings 2021

The new album by AmetedFace What’s Next, is a solid eight song album harkening back to the halcyon days of album rock. Musicians Scott Schwertly and Brian Johnstone deliver some of their strongest songwriting and music making ever in this new release.

Check out Journey To The Frozen Sun

Northeastern Recordings 2014

Journey To The Frozen Sun is a multi-layered saga, telling the story of a hero’s journey through time and space.

Musically, this album delivers hard rock infused with heavy metal, permeated with cuts of acoustic rock and brewed with progressive elements.

Check out States.
Northeastern Recordings 2008

States is a solid rocker from start to stop incorporating melodic rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal sounds. Check out information about this rocker on the States page.

Check out Tales of a Circus.
Northeastern Recordings 2005

Ameted’s first work, Tales of a Circus, was released by Northeastern Recordings, October 2005. Further information is available on the Tales page.