Journey To The Frozen Sun

Release Date: November 11, 2014
Northeastern Recordings


Book I – Ice

1. Frozen Sun Overture (5:23)

I. Prologue

Far away a distant star
Beckons travel from afar

Supernova holds my breath
Do we dance the dance of death?
There’s a changing in the sky
The Power Lords scramble to fly

II. Credo

From our earliest memories
our forefathers only knew allegiance
Yet now we call to question
This force that answers no grievance

From my earliest memories
My own father seemed to always know
The smoke and mirrors of her rule
Reluctantly with him I go

From his earliest moments
My father new what his life meant
He said he’d rather be a shooting star
than a stationary planet

From our earliest beginnings
My father taught me his creed
To live like I’m on fire
And I would have all I need

III. The Glittering Jewel

There’s headiness in the leaden sky
Intoxicating rhythm in the clouds
There’s a pulse in this universe
It silently calls; its voice is loud

Like the spider waiting for its prey
Enticing is the web, a glittering jewel
The Black Hole pulls with immeasurable strength
A Paradise for both wise and fool

There’s heaviness in the heart of man
Fantasy dream turns to fear
Nightmare with all manner of dread
Blood pulsing, pressure severe

The nightmare claws on reality
The Frozen Sun reigns supreme
Uncontrollable velocity
The Journey beckons with silent scream

IV. Apparent Horizon

This spiral force pulls
No way to escape
To taste the fortune held within
Mystery, death, I venture in

V. To the Frozen Sun

On the Journey to the Frozen Sun!
2. Headlong Into the Night (4:34)

My Father warned me of a Frozen Heart
He said be vigilant and keep that spark
He said the Power Lords had lost that light
Drowned out in the power of Dark

I watched him stand before their throne
They cut him down, broke him bone from bone
I can’t believe it, it is not right
They call me now to join their fight

He exposed corruption
Yet he paid the price
Now they look to me
And tell me to fight or follow
I don’t want to face it so

I’ll Run
I’ll Fly
Headlong into the night

I’ll Run
I’ll Fly
Headstrong wrong or right

Now we’re bound by laws of war
Don’t even know what we’re fighting for
My Father warned me of a Frozen Heart
He said be vigilant and keep that spark

3. Catch the moon (3:47)

How much of time is lost – lost in wasting?
How much of life is lost – lost in waiting?
How much of love is lost – lost in wanting?

Have I protected you from all the things I’ve endured before?
Have I shown you all, all the beauty in the world?
Can I face this journey on my own, if my time has come?

Know if I could catch the moon
And stop the sun from spinning
I would freeze this moment in time
And spend forever with you

How much of my dawn has gone – gone away from wasting?
How much of my day has gone – gone away from waiting?
How much of my dreams have gone – gone away from wanting?

Can I journey to the Frozen Sun, knowing this is the end?
Please forgive me for those things, I did or didn’t do.
But I couldn’t stand and face you, if I turned now and walked away.
4. Betrayal (4:48)

I, cast out on the starlit skies
The journey to avenge this wrong
The unlearning of all we knew
When they unleashed the terror song

The betrayal of man and all he’s come to know

I, tormented with an everlasting itch
To see the horror firsthand
World ripping away stitch by stitch
Journey far from my chosen land

They kept us in the dark for years
Ignorance is the parent of fear

As hope drowns in pools of poison
As desolation consumes us all
The Spirit is the one warm spark
In the heart of this arctic crystal

I am therefore compelled
To accept the call I face
To heed this obligation
I pray for a measure of grace
5. Dark Tribulation (3:29)

Headlong into the storm
Crossing the threshold of a thousand nights
Terror and fear fill my veins
Daring the devils to a mortal fight

Running back now
On to our destination
I’ll be the last one on the ground
As we march to the dark tribulation

Watching the moon from below
Like waters flowing to an icy grave
Passion and strength fill my veins
Heaven have mercy on us: the foolish and the brave

Must reach the Frozen Sun
Must avenge a chosen son

Book II – Sky

6. Journey To the Frozen Sun (6:59)

I failed to see the battle; it sent us on our way
I must go back to see what led us astray

I’m on the Journey to the Frozen Sun

Cavalier, ignorant, and with death so very near
I wonder why I failed to see what was ever so clear

Eyes in your head couldn’t see what you left behind
You know where to look but you fear what you’ll find
And when you see what is come you can’t escape it
So you must go where you fear: frozen sun

On the journey to the frozen sun

And when you see what you’ve done now you feel it coming
So you will drown in a pool of your blood
Your time has come fell from grace you face your own mistake
You must go where you fear frozen sun

It’s my own black hole

7. Suffering (3:04)

Now you know that pain is true
Now you feel the suffering
I will help to see you through
I will be your savior now

Pain fear death suffering
Now you feel suffering

You thought your path was clear
You thought you knew what you would do
Now all you feel is pain and fear
You need me now to see you through

8. Battle Forevermore (4:34)

The air is thick and still
The night chills my bones
Can it be we’ve come this far
All on our own?

On this Battle Road
I call this my own
On this Battle Road
I call this my home

The first taste of battle
The first taste of death
We fight to win
Fight to our last breath

It’s a Battle for Evermore
To prove we are stronger
To prove we are better

It’s a Battle for Evermore
I will give you a reason
I will give you a cause

Fighting forever more
Whatever the cost
The reasons are just

Fighting forever more
Whatever the cost
Tell me what is the cost

9. Distant Satellite (4:31)

I walked through a desert place
Still I believed

A distant satellite
You’re barely in my sight
A beacon far away
Still I believe

I crossed many oceans
Still I believed

I climbed many mountains
Still I believed

I fought many battles
I fought through many wars
Working the killing floor
And I faced death’s door

10. Cause I Am One (3:22)

I always thought I was just along for the ride
Avenge my father and feel some pride
Now I see I am the one, I am the hero inside

Cause I am one

Too tired, too hungry to give a damn
Not weighed down by fear or by doubt
Finding my own true voice

I am one
I am all
I can fall
I can rise

Through it all
Many fall
Reminds us all
Heroes stand tall

For those who know and those that knew
Hear the sound of the unheard muse
The everlasting has been inside

Not with a razor’s edge that gives the power to suffer
The strength to survive
But to have the will to push, the spirit to endure

Book III – Fire

11. Like I’ve Never Seen Before (3:53)

Once again
Out on the road
I’ll fight for you
Do as I’m told

Play the part
Wear a brave face
Fight to kill
Won’t be disgraced

And I see like I’ve never seen before

All alone
Battle torn
Lick my wounds
But not for long

Blood runs cold
Chill my bones
All alone
Out on the road

I face the fire
Look in deep
Stare at the coals
See a distant me

Long ago
A savage beast
Vision in fire
Will be released

In the wind
I hear the call
A ghostly howl
Unites us all

I start to run
To face my fears
Avenge the deaths
Victory is near

12. Love Fall Like Rain (4:06)

I’m black and blue, I’ve been abused, I’m turning numb

Confused misused and all I need is your true love

Your true love

Here in the storm
Shadows dance and turn
And I know I’m far from the mark
I call on your true love
To be the light here in the dark

Love Fall Like Rain
Love Fall Like Rain

Spiders crawl on the wall and I feel the creep run down my neck

Demons play with my mind and tell me lies of every kind

Spirits flying ’round in this charade
Like tiny Paper Faces on Parade

13. Can You See the Moon (5:50)

I remember the day
I had to go away
I know you don’t understand
But I fight for you each and every day

As long as I am in your heart
I will always be there for you
If you can see the moon
Know I will be there looking for you

I will be back to you
In your hands or behind your eyes
So always be strong
Be proud and true of all you do

I will never forget
The smile on your face
I will never regret
Our one more embrace

…Can you see the moon?
I am there looking for you

14. Last Stand (3:30)

Crusted with blood knee deep in the mud
They pushed me down but I am not out
Believe in something or stand for someone instead of living for nothing

At the end of this day they will fall
But I will
Stand Tall
Stand Hard
Stand Strong
Stand Proud
Cause this could be your last stand

Battered and bent, bruised and broken.
They pushed me down but I am not yet taken
Living forever or living today, it’s about living with yourself

As the light returns the frozen sun falls
The frozen sun falls we stand victoriously
The dead may know the end of war blood and bone

15. Frozen Sun Underture (8:06)

I. Sunrise on the Edge

On the Sunrise on the Edge
Distant planets and moons collide
Feeling of solitude and peace
Only this Living Water can provide

On the Sunrise on the Edge
Distant battles echo still
Feeling of solitude and peace
Water flows through me

II. Hero’s Respite

III. No More Tears

We fought the fight with strength and might
The frozen sun is overcome

Not just a foe out on the battle road
But fight within, as cleansing begins

We face our own fears and mistakes
Becoming stronger yet with grace
And now we take our rightful place

Reignite the flame, the passion once again
We are alive, no longer captive inside
The journey done, my own heart won
Done for freedom, we’ve overcome

Oh I’ve soared, high into space, reached out my hand, to touch your face,
The journey done my own heart won, no more fears, no more tears

IV. Finale
16. Rise (5:04)

Against infamy
A cause with dignity
Rising up in me

It’s about my destiny
To face this enemy
A battle deep inside of me

(and I will) Rise!

Time will tell
A fantasy a mystery
A thawing heart
A brand new start

Time will tell
In a battle fought
With second guessing thoughts
Only suffering sought

I will fight
Holding to integrity
Standing tall with dignity
Will it end victoriously

All around me
This is my destiny
Rising up in me

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