Release Date: May 27, 2008
Northeastern Recordings


State of Grace
With full moon rising shadows close the dayWith whispers to the night the angels fade awayFor everyone that departs one stands above the groundFor every tear that falls in the rain could you hear the sound?Was it blind faith that led me here? Who could say?Was it a twist of fate, an overwhelming fear? Who could say?In a state of curiosity never a stationary placePacing myself ahead face to face to faceIn a new time and phase journey to a new space landed in a state of illusion this is my state of graceWhen the darkness comes around every corner down every road Who could say?Smiling down from above or from deep insideDown every road Who could say?In a state of graceIn a state of illusionIn a state of graceIn a state of confusion

Restless I think too much always looking for a changeTired of the way it always is feeling the feeling is strangeI hope it could be everything I want it to beThe change in my life, the change in my mindFeelings – I’m too emotional oh but who can you blameSenses it’s just how I perceive that feeling that I cannot nameI hope that it could be everything I think I want it to beFollow your heart work it out there may be more than you know Open your eyes sort it out heaven may be there for you now

From Here to Ever After
From here to ever after, from them to now it’s been, a long and winding road, and only half way it might seem. No matter what I’ve hoped for, no matter what my dream, for everything that I might have been, for everything I wish to be.I’m facing time in a new and dangerous way. I realize that my own fight I must make. No more lies, no more anger, no more foolish dreams. Only one chance left, now I make my stand.And I’ll fight, and I’ll be, what I want to, set me freeYou try to face your bright tomorrow, but they’ll kick you in the face. They’ll issue their decree, to try to keep you in your place.Pick yourself up and don’t dwell on the pain. Suffering’s a fact but it’s not a way of life. You’ll watch them drown in their pool of self-decay. They might kill you but your mind is always free.No matter what they try on me, I know I’m always free.

Could it be it’s the end of the line?It came too fast for me came too fast for us all Oh I need, I need you more and moreI need you more than beforeYou’re the light, you’re the guide I first knewNow I am standing on the edge of despairWalking close to the line to findPoppa, how can it be that I could live my life without you?Oh you’re my friend; you meant so much to meYou meant so much to us all, all the timeNow I am standing on the edge of despairWalking close to the line to findThe peace the love that I once knewTo fill the void the gapOh I know you’re at peace, the disease that hurt you now is goneAnd I know by your life you were love all the timeI love you Poppa

Haunted by the Rain

A Memory From the Sky
A memory from the sky, reminiscent in my mindFractured visions behind my eyes, scattered whispers from behindTorn fragments from these pages, the stories left undoneThe shadows in the day, can never know the sunAlone staring holes in the wall, repeating dreams that make me blindHow could it be; what brought this thought into my mind?Take control, take control, take controlEmotion takes control, takes control, takes control, takes controlInside my mind, passion reactionThese thoughts inside, Take me, break me

Whiskey Blood
Whiskey blood / Smoke ring prayers / Do they really care?Eyes burning / A lifeless stare / Don’t care for this face no moreAn empty glass the flattened edge getting lost in a hole to find the pain gold dust burns with scars long and deep shattered on the floor my eyes are blind broken and beatLittle angel saves every flower, from those that are buried shallowBut when she gets mine, I hope that she burns them to ashDarkness floods / Streetlight moon / With the wind and rain the stain remainsI fight this game / to the end / But how long before I’ll learn?Can’t walk away these feet torn apart as these walls begin to breathe flesh so numb covering bones that heal a spirit bruised the soul is gone and a fire burns hollow and coldSunrise maybe growing in the skiesBut demons are still bleeding on my eyesRapturing cry crumbling this skin of stoneShrouding my ears to realize this voice is my own

Wings Against the Sun
You’re suffocated by what you see in the mirrorLike a plague on your skin you cannot take your eyes off the soresAnd you try to hurt, and you try to bleedAnd you try to push away all the love that you needAnd you try to break, and you try to fallAnd you try to hold on, hold on to them allYou justify the things that you do by sinking in deeper in the things that you doBut you still cry alone at night, still cry alone, haunted by the things that you’ve doneOh how I wish you could see the you that I seeTo open your eyes, and see the beauty insideHow I wish you could feel your loveTo open your heart, and feel the beauty insideYou got to hold on, you got to believe,I will always be there for youYou got to hold on, don’t let go,I am always there with my wings against the sunDon’t let go, don’t let go,I am always there with my wings against the sun

Little Extra More
Full moon rising in a midnight skyOld man looks over and he asks whyNo one knows what it feels like insideI see the unseen from where I hideBurning eyesa strained walk homeCause he knows it’s the endIt’s the endFingers worn, skin to boneWith empty hands and the passion is goneTents came down, the circus left townA bitter taste with every breatheAll he wants is a little extra more

Conflict Resolution
Solve my conflicts with violenceSolve my conflicts with painSolve my conflicts with fearSolve my conflicts againSolve my conflicts I feel no guiltSolve my conflicts with liesSolve my conflicts with all your moneySolve my conflicts with all your livesConflict resolutionConflict resolutionWhat is freedom?What is justice?When so many lives are blown awayLies, lies, lies, lies,….Conflict resolution, conflict resolution, conflict resolution

Rain Song
I walk through the soundThe sound of falling starsMy footprints in the sandWill wash away from the lightHer haunted scenes behind my cold eyesRotting away through to my dreamsGrowing thoughts of sinEroding in holes in my skinAnd all I need is the rainIf I could wash away the shameAll I need is the rainIf I could throw away this painI sit alone and stareDon’t care if it’s night or dayI measure time by the taste in my mouthThe bottles fall and break on the floorHer ghost clouding a young heart’s songScream to myself to pass the sun away

Still Small Voice
Heading out through fearsome storms life in peril fallingPushing on toward the fight onward to us your callingSilently the still small voice inside reminds I’m not alonePatiently guiding me along remind me I’m not aloneOver the highest mountain to the end of the earth and seaEver onward on this journeyUp to the final battle fight until we’ll all be freeFrom here and now until eternityStanding firm on solid ground living life anewForever strong and confident in everything we do

© 2008 by Ameted, all rights reserved.All songs written and performed by Brian T. Johnstone and Scott J. Schwertly.