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Floods and New Album

September 13, 2021

The studio basement was flooded in the recent storm “Ida” and we got off fairly easily… others were not so fortunate and we hope they can recover soon… Ours was mostly a wet carpet… so the rip out has begun.

The nice thing is that the new album is finished. Actually, it has been finished for a real long time now. We are still working on bringing it to you. It should be published before the end of the year. And the title of the new album is: Face What’s Next. More to come!

Father to Son: the Musical Tree Keeps Growing

May 8, 2019

Music is the common denominator. It is the bond around which Ameted is formed by Scott and Brian. So too in our families there are deep musical roots for both of us.

It is so wondrous to experience the next generation getting involved in music. Brian’s eldest son Victor picked up the violin 2 years ago and has progressed quite a distance in a few short years.

Brian and Victor had the opportunity to perform during a recent Dangermuffin concert in Doylestown, PA. They played two songs, the Ameted tune Paper Faces on Parade as well as a song composed by Jay Ungar called Ashokan Farewell.

It was a joyous time for father and son to make music together on stage.



Colossus Quiescence

December 7, 2018

echo “hello world!”

It may seem we need to say hello… it has been a quiet year on but indeed Scott and Brian have been busy… busier with lives outside of music, outside Ameted, thus the title of this post, but still active all the same.

On the music front, a rather large collection of tunes is assembled for the next Ameted album. So in terms of writing music, it has been a fruitful year. Recording had begun, but has been on hold recently. Recording will start again in late December/early January. That said, there is still no set release date. Additionally, Scott has formulated a new concept album (which is supposed to follow the forthcoming record) which the boys hope to begin as well in the next year.

Brian has been collaborating with a couple of good friends, Stephen (or, Sid Stevie) and Steven (or Just Mouse) on a new project. These fellows have there own material out there, so check out Sid Stevie and Just Mouse to see what those fellows are up to. Together, the collaboration is unpredictable, reflecting the myriad points of inspiration of the three. We hope to share more information about this project in the new year.

A special thank you goes out to those of you who have continued to support Ameted this year. And thank you for purchasing our music! You help us keep that gas tank filled!

CDs in Stock! Downloads always available too!

December 4, 2017

This Holiday Season, please pick up Ameted music!

Journey to the Frozen Sun (

States (

Tales of a Circus (

We appreciate your continued support!

Sleeping Dogs

May 12, 2016

A lot of great shredders out on the Master Class with Zakk Wylde site. Brian is one of them. Check out his entry.

Einstein predicts Ameted’s “Frozen Sun” album a century ago

February 11, 2016

In 2014 Ameted released their concept album Journey to the Frozen Sun. This concept is based on a hero’s journey. The theme centers around the idea of a Frozen Sun, or Black Hole. In the story this is representative both of the hero’s initially frozen heart and unwillingness to complete his quest as well as the power source for the villains. The fictitious villains are represented as “power lords” achieving power through the Frozen Sun, or Black Hole.

Ameted therefore solutes the physicists at LIGO who on February 11 announced they had heard and recorded the sound of a faint blip or chirp of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away. This also confirms with hard evidence the final piece of Einstein’s general theory of relativity–“gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago.” Read the NYTimes story here: Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory

If you’re looking for something that makes a sound louder than a chirp, check out JTFS!

Check out States

February 9, 2016

States is Ameted’s second official release. It’s a solid rocker from start to stop. Blends prog, melodic rock, and metal. While not a concept album, thematic elements are present throughout dealing with various states of mind, body and spirit.

Check out Tales of a Circus

February 2, 2016

Originally conceived and demoed in 1995 or so, Tales of a Circus was finally recorded and released in 2005. This is Ameted’s first official release. A concept album that embraces a variety of musical influences, from hard rock to acoustic rock.

New Album Out TODAY! Available in CDBaby and iTunes!

November 11, 2014



Ameted is extremely proud to be able to say Journey to the Frozen Sun is now available. This album is the culmination of artistry, determination, and enthusiasm that can only be described as freaking killer! A concept album takes a while to formulate, brew, and finally bring to fruition. Factor in the many other duties, obligations, and circumstances of life and you should have a pretty clear picture as to why this is such a momentous occasion.

Please support the band and order your copy today directly through our distributor CDBaby. You won’t be disappointed!

Also available in iTunes and coming soon to many other distributors!!



Journey To The Frozen Sun Teaser Video

November 6, 2014