new journey in the works

The Ameted boys haven’t been posting much lately… between work and family, they’ve been busy. That said, they are nearly complete with the planning phase for a new concept album. Many songs are written, and the overall story is set.

They expect to begin recording in the next several months. No word on when the new album will be completed.

We hope to hit you soon with some more video updates.


Update from the band — back in the studio again! has been quiet these past couple of months.  We did want to let you know that the band has been steadily making progress toward a new project.  There are almost a dozen new tunes in the mix.  The band is actively working on the new compositions and arrangements and plans to hit the studio this summer.  No date has been established for the release of new material, but, as always, we’ll keep you posted right here.

In other music related news… the boys are pretty excited about upcoming albums and tours from some of their favorites including Ozzy, BLS, Rush, Stryper and Symphony X, to name a few.  Wouldn’t that be neat to open for, the opener for, the opener for, the opener for one of these bands…

…digressing… we’ll try to keep you up to date with occasional pictures and info as the band works on this new project.