Colossus Quiescence

echo “hello world!”

It may seem we need to say hello… it has been a quiet year on but indeed Scott and Brian have been busy… busier with lives outside of music, outside Ameted, thus the title of this post, but still active all the same.

On the music front, a rather large collection of tunes is assembled for the next Ameted album. So in terms of writing music, it has been a fruitful year. Recording had begun, but has been on hold recently. Recording will start again in late December/early January. That said, there is still no set release date. Additionally, Scott has formulated a new concept album (which is supposed to follow the forthcoming record) which the boys hope to begin as well in the next year.

Brian has been collaborating with a couple of good friends, Stephen (or, Sid Stevie) and Steven (or Just Mouse) on a new project. These fellows have there own material out there, so check out Sid Stevie and Just Mouse to see what those fellows are up to. Together, the collaboration is unpredictable, reflecting the myriad points of inspiration of the three. We hope to share more information about this project in the new year.

A special thank you goes out to those of you who have continued to support Ameted this year. And thank you for purchasing our music! You help us keep that gas tank filled!

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